Monthly Archive: July, 2014

Dr. Roger Leir | The Varginha Case | Jan. 23-2013

Best known to us as the doctor who removes ET implants from people's bodies, Dr. Leir discusses the Varginha, Brasil case and talks about interviewing the surgeon who operated on the ET in that case. He also discusses in detail the famous UFO incidents in Turkey to which he is a witness.

Robbie Thomas | Incidents that have come to Pass | Feb. 15-2013

Psychic Robbie Thomas is also a bestselling author who published a novel in 2012. That novel contains a series of paranormal events, catastrophies, and discoveries. Amazingly, 5 of those incidents have come to pass in actual world news, the latest being the meteor explosion over Russia.

Alien Yes or No – ET on AIPAC Conference | March 20-2013

A capture of a live video feed from the AIPAC conference where President Obama was speaking shows a security man (possibly Secret Service) who appears to have very strange features. Some on the internet are saying he is alien (ET). Kevin presents the video and discusses with callers what they think about it.

Craig Campobasso | ETs lived at the Pentagon | March 29-2013

Craig Campobasso is an award winning casting director in Hollywood. He is also a filmmaker and is producing a film called "Stranger at the Pentagon" based on the accounts of and extraterrestrial who is said to have lived at the Pentagon for 3 years. This account is supported by both witness testimony and photographic evidence.