About Kevin Smith and this Website

Kevin Smith had provided a large audience with extraordinary informations, thoughts and discussions with his radio show, the Kevin Smith Show until his untimely death at his sixtieth birthday on August 14. in 2013.

Friends of Kevin Smith have now made his legacy available for posterity. If you have a show recorded or downloaded that is not in the archive and that you would want to contribute, please contact us so we can complete the archive.

Kevin’s wife Tang, who inherited the copyright, gave us full permission to publish the material we have. She and Derrick, Kevin’s and Tang’s son, have been left in a dire situation in Thailand and have not received any support from Kevin’s American part of his family.

We hope many of you can afford to donate some money to help Tang and Derrick survive, they do not deserve to be forgotten and left behind. So remember, when you watch or listen to a show of our deceased friend Kevin that his loved ones suffer and are unprovided for.

Kevin himself lived a life in relative poverty, sometimes even lacking food but shortly before he died he signed a deal for his rock band that he was a guitar player in. Kevin was full of vigour and in good hopes for his band to be successful, also financially. Kevin put his full energy both into the show and his band, sometimes one has to wonder how he could accomplish this. The day he came out of hospital after he received a stent in his heart, he was already preparing for the next show.

Kevin gave whistleblowers a platform to come forward and he therefore was one himself. The lines to the show were often interrupted when critical guests made their appearance and also particular guests often suddenly had problems communicating with the KSS. He had his computers and other equipment interfered with from the outside and some of his guests even received threats during the show.

Kevin was not shy to point his finger to where he thought those threats came from. He took all the risks to stay true to himself because his concern and motto for every show was, “You have the right to know because You matter!”


In Memoriam

“You matter.” You have a right to know.”
Etched by one intent effort and another
to go where so few others bother
A guiding light to thought with density
the realm of physics with added intensity
Holding open a stage to all when any
answers could be found
Never denying any cogent thought that
might lead to new ground
Knowing how to challenge issues without
Logic and insight served all means he had
of redress

The prince of a genre, a friend to so many
shoes to fill, cannot any
A right to know is now what's left
for Kevin Smith now has the fullest sense
of that right to know

James C. Horak

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